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SWAT ZOMBIE OPERATIONA challenging anti zombie operation is underway.
This game is designed for Android Mobile users and for Tablets free of cost.
The earth is suffering from the disease, a deadly virus has been spread into humans making them devils so make sure that you put an end to the zombie hordes. You fight bravely and have been separated from your team, go past zombie hordes and rejoin your base!Can you bring an end to this zombies taking over to the world? Swat:Zombie Killer is attracting zombies to you so you have to crush them and release them from their suffering! The Zombies wander the dead towns in search of the souls of a brave warrior who is standing up to the menace to humanity!
Featuring thrilling soundtrack and grand zombie attack sequences! Enjoy endless fun and challenge when you take control of our brave hero to wipeout the zombies from this forsaken town. Take up your weapon and be brave in the face of devil zombies!
***FEATURES***? HEART THRASHING ACTION- Make way through terrifying zombies in multiple mission modes!- Think you can take on the game? Choose between Easy, Medium and Hard!- Throw grenades to clear a path when you are stuck!? EASY TO PLAY, MUCH TO MASTER- Varied AI behavior makes each enemy unique and challenging to shoot & kill- Take down different enemy types each with their own strengths and weapon loadouts? TONS OF BONUSES AND POWERUPS- Upgrade your weapons and collect powerups!- Get rewards for completing missions! Use those rewards to buy upgrades for your weapons and buy more weapons!? CUSTOMISE WEAPONS AND ARMOR- Upgrade your primary and secondary weapons!- Unlock and equip cool Gear, including body armor, medkits and more!
Do not leave your duties to defend the earth against the zombie menace! Inspired by call of duty zombies, this game is meant to fuel your zombie addiction! Just like call of duty zombies; we kill the zombies! Join us if you live advanced warfare tactics and answer the call of duty!If you love Kill the zombie games or choping zombies, look no further for choping zombies. Zombie Dead: Shooter Target will fuel your appetite for snipe zombie shooter 3d games! This is not a first person zombies game! It is third person shooter. If you love the shooting zombies’ game, please rate us on the playstore!
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